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Friday, September 6, 2013

Quick Takes

Quick Takes time

1. Being outnumbered is and isn't as bad as I thought it would be. The worst part about managing a third child so far, has been the fact that she only eats 1oz at a feeding. So every time I nurse her, I have to finish by pumping. And during her one 4hr nap stretch a day, I have to pump in the middle. I am constantly pumping or feeding her. Which leaves little time and no hands to manage the other children. That has been the worst part so far. Luckily the older kids still go to daycare during the day so it allows me time to do a few minutes work around the house in between feeding/pumping sessions.

2. Good news is though that my work in not in vain! Gianna is back up above her birth weight! Porky is weighing in at 5lbs 4 oz this week and her bilirubin levels are down so she is growing beautifully!
Miriam adores Gianna. I love it. I am storing these moments to show her when they are a freshmen and senior in high school and Miriam claims to hate her little annoying sister :)

3. Joseph is a chatty kathy these days. It's hilarious. He commentates everything. This morning as Josh was getting him ready for daycare, I hear Joseph say... "Socks, shoes, socks, shoes. Toes. Joseph toes. Daddy toes. Joseph toes. Nose. Eyes. Daddy shirt. Joseph shirt. Chair. Shoes. Sissy shoes...." and so on and so on. The really funny part is that to the untrained ear, it all would sound like absolute gibberish.

4. I've gotten rehooked on Project Runway since my bedrest in the hospital. Stupid cable tv shows. I really miss my Bravo. And HGTV. And Game Show Network. Oh Supermarket Sweep....

5. It only took 2 weeks, but I braved my first adventure out of the house with the 3 kids all by myself. We went to the park to wear out the older two. As soon as we got there, little Gianna decided she wanted to belly up to the boob and spend the next 2 hrs there. So I'm sitting there at the playground nursing her and Miriam runs past me on her way to the car in the parking lot, full sprint, shouting "I have to go poop QUICKLY!" I whip my head around shouting "Miriam! Out of the parking lot!" and tweek my neck. Badly. So I sprint after her, baby on the boob and all. She drops her pants in the parking lot and lays a big ol' turd. When I get to her, she pulls up her pants, says "I have another turd coming" and I say "go by the tree!" and so she does. Like it's nothing. She just drops her pants at the tree, squats down and leans back against the tree and finishes her business. Then pulls up her pants and looks at me innocent as she says "I need germ-x" Oh parenthood. 
I really never pictured picking up my kids turds with a wipe out of the parking lot and playground like you would a dog. And for the next 36hrs I was unable to look up because my neck was spasming so badly. I had to go get a quick massage the next afternoon which kind of fixed it but still left it very sore. Yep... I think we'll allow some recovery time before braving adventure #2 solo with my posse. 

6. I always think the professional newborn pictures are adorable. I wanted them with the first two children but they are too expensive and so I invested in a really nice camera instead. I haven't regretted it. But with Gianna, I wanted to capture her tininess. My friend Diana has a really nice camera and is trying to start up a photography business so I asked her to take a few photos of G. I really liked the first couple she has shown me.

7. I think the biggest challenge I've faced as a parent is the battle to eat dinner. The kids prefer to stick to the basic requests of chicken nuggets, hot dogs, corn dogs, and hamburger pizza. It is a battle every night to get them to eat "just one bite" of anything else. I read Parents magazines and blog suggestions but I'm almost just resigned to the fact that I have bred the most stubborn children that have ever inhabited this planet.


  1. Yeah! nursing 1 oz at a time - hard hard work. Love the poop story!

  2. Miriam cracks me up! Sounds like a natural outdoors-woman. Maybe she'll be an avid camper.