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Monday, August 12, 2013

All work and some play

A Quick Takes version of the past few months of our busy life!

- I switched jobs back in December in an attempt to get better benefits and have a company that was nationwide so that when Josh finished school and moved us, we'd have insurance coverage. My old employer only covered "in system" costs so any health care we received outside of Omaha was out of pocket. I had to work at my old job fulltime until my new job's benefits kicked in so I was working 2 FT jobs from Dec-Feb.

- When I started this new job, the kids started daycare for the first time in their lives in January. They loved it. It's been really good for them to socialize and have those friends and opportunities to learn. I'm really happy with how its gone. It's incredibly expensive and there is no way, with my old job's wages, that it would be worth it to work FT to put 2 kids in daycare but luckily this new job has higher wages.

- Josh was supposed to finish his PhD in August but had some issues with some of the results of his studies and so he just turned in his thesis here in the middle of August and hopefully will do his defense sometime in Sept and then will be done with school. Fingers crossed he doesn't run into any more complications. He has been struggling to find a Post Doc job though as the government recently passed a Sequester which ended millions and millions of dollars of grants that they had already awarded to scientists so that eliminated thousands of research positions.  It's a really hot-button issue for me so I could write multiple posts on that alone, but this blog is for family memories, not my rants :) He has applied to places like John Hopkins, Duke, Oklahoma, St Louis, Notre Dame, Michigan U, National Institute of Health, MD Anderson in Houston, Mayo, Indiana, South Carolina, and a lot of other places but no one knows for sure what kind of funding they will have for the next fiscal year so most places tell him to check back in January.

- In the meantime our lease for our duplex was up in June and our landlord decided he didn't want to go month-to-month with us and wanted to sell the place to new tenants August 1st. That gave us about 2 wks to find somewhere else to live. I'm pretty sure I didn't sleep for those whole 2 wks. Since we didn't know if Josh would get a job offer at any moment we had to look for short term leases which mean high term costs. Luckily I finally found an apartment to sublease for a few months. Only problem then was packing up and moving everything on short notice and without knowing if I was packing stuff for storage or for moving across the country in another few months or to move into our little tiny 3rd floor apartment. Yes, I said 3rd floor. So at 8mo pregnant and with 2 toddlers, we tote ourselves and our groceries etc up and down 3 flights of stairs. Ugh. But I'm trying to just think about how quickly any baby weight will be shed right?! I try not to think I will shed it by carrying a carseat and 3 children up and down those stairs. But my new life motto has been "Anything is tolerable for a short amount of time" so I just keep thinking this will only last a while. The icky thing is that this lease is up in November, so if Josh gets a job we will be moving again for that, and if he doesn't get a job, we'll have to find another place to short term rent if this location decides not to let us do month to month.

- Perks to apartment living: no lawn to mow, no water bill, a pool to swim in (the college guys were really impressed when I bared my pregnant belly in my bikini and shorts yesterday lol), smaller space means less to clean!

- Con: 3rd floor and living in constant fear that our tantrum throwing 22mo old is going to get CPS called on us :)

- Miriam is 3 1/2 now and a sweetheart. She can also be very stubborn and very dramatic at times, but for the most part she is a sweet roll-with-it little girl just like she was as a baby. She's a really good big sister to Joseph 90% of the time. She is completely potty trained which was really a pretty easy transition for her. I savored it because I know we lucked out and will never experience those odds again. She is a very picky eater though and still has to sleep with me :)

- Joseph is 22mo old and I only can describe him as being "all boy". He is all about wrestling, throwing monstrous tantrums, and making messes. He too is a picky eater but when he eats, he eats! He also poops about 5 times a day so he is solidly built but has kind of leveled off on the growth curve. He knows how to use his big beautiful eyes to melt your heart and earn himself a M&M or two.

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  1. Sounds like a busy summer!! Moving is never fun.